Hey Lego fans, did you hear about the two Canadian high schoolers who launched a Lego Man into the stratosphere? Ok maybe I’m totally slow on the uptake, but all the same it’s a pretty cool story! Well we’ve just received the book that tells the amazing tale.  The book also includes a teachers resource guide, science activities, classroom craft, games and more!


Bookshop, Yangon. As seen by one of our lovely ex-staff Renee aka Wayfairer

If you could live a different version of your life, would you take the chance? From the award-winning author Margaret Wild, The Vanishing Moment is a spellbinding story placing two young women at the turning point in their lives, and each must choose to accept the life she has, or to leap into one she might yet live. Due for release in September, The Vanishing Moment is a brilliant and bittersweet story of loss and courage, with a surprising twist.

While you wait, why not pick up a copy of One Night,  a tough, yet tender and life-affirming story about four young people on a journey towards love and meaning.

Margaret Wild is one of Australia’s most highly respected and best-loved authors for children and teenagers. Most popular in our bookshop for her picture books, her previous novel Jinx was shortlisted for the CBCA awards and for the Queensland, NSW and Victorian Premier’s Awards. Margaret is the recipient of many awards, including the Nan Chauncy Award.

The Vanishing Moment     One Night

Emmy nominated Disney screenwriter and director Drew Daywalt (apparently he’s into horror films now…eeep!)  has teamed up with everyone’s favourite illustrator Oliver Jeffers to create The Day the Crayons Quit. For anyone who loved The Incredible Book Eating Boy, this will be right up your alley…

Poor Duncan just wants to colour in. But when he opens his box of crayons, he only finds letters, all saying the same thing: We quit!

Beige is tired of playing second fiddle to Brown, Blue needs a break from colouring in all that water, while Pink just wants to be used. Green has no complaints, but Orange and Yellow are no longer speaking to each other.

The battle lines have been drawn. What is Duncan to do?

You’ll just have to wait til August to find out….



Our Penguin rep has been harping on about this new title for the past while now. Every week she has a little squeal about it, so I thought it time to take note. With Penguin in the States spending $750,00 on its marketing campaign, clearly there’s merit in its pages. Yes it’s another dystopian, apocalytpic survival tale, but it’s the characters, tone and drama that will have you completely sucked in. Just a few pages in and my goosebumps were on edge. The next Hunger Games? Hmmm only time will tell.

We have just moved house. With that has come two shiny new rooms for the boys. Previously used to sharing we are now entering a whole new domain of ‘personal space’. This week they both procured old cd players which now sit pride of place beside their beds. Sometimes, when life just gets too much for our (almost) six year old, he heads to his bed and has a little rest to gather himself and reflect on his mammoth role in the classroom, on the soccer field, and just generally on earth. There in the comfort of his own zone he’ll pick a favourite audio book to listen to.  For his birthday, I have decided to treat him to a pair of these fun new earphones from Crayola and Griffin. Simply called ‘My Phones‘,  kids can personalise and enjoy their favourite stories (or songs) with the safety of the inbuilt sound control limit. And guess what, they have just arrived instore, blue for boys, pink for girls. I kind of want some for myself now too, but shhh, don’t tell my son…





Sometimes you are introduced to an author who is so completely in love with their work that they show no bounds when it comes to their enthusiasm. Julie Hunt is one such person and not only did she create a spellbinding piece of fiction Song for a Scarlet Runner for the 8-12 year age group, but her recreation of the coat so prevalent within the pages was brought to vivid life by local artist and actor Faridah Cameron (seen below retelling the tale of ‘Blot’).

Combine that with the charmingly modest illustrator Dale Newman, who recreated some of her warm and evocative illustrations in front of a delightful crowd,  Faridah took on the guise of the Swamp Aunty and had us all completely encapsulated. Allen & Unwin editor Sue Flockhart and local super author Lian Tanner joined Julie in the retelling of one enthralling swamp scene while one plucky fan took the microphone and shared her joy after reading the story of Peat.  Needless to say the books have flown off the shelves and we wait with baited breath for the next installment…please Julie!

So for anyone wanting to launch their book with us, watch out! The bar has well and truly been lifted….

Photos from top: Faridah Cameron takes on the role of Swamp Aunty. Dale Newman recreates Blot and Sue Flockhart, Lian Tanner and Julie Hunt have fun retelling a scene